I have lived in this town since a little child,  I grew up here. Lovisa is indeed a very small town but I love my hometown. It is a beautiful place, and a good place to live in and grow. This picture is taken in Kapellparken in the sunset.



Barbie Museum in Helsinki

Today was a very special day for me. My mom and I went to Helsinki, to see the barbie museum, witch is a display of 400 barbies in total. Most of them were reproductions, but there were some really vintage dolls aswell. This barbie museum has travelled in the world, such as in Italy for example. When we read in the newspaper that it would come to Helsinki, we immediately decided to go and check it out.

Its open until August, so if you’re close by, and is interested in this kinda thing – then sure go check it out! Here comes quite a few pictures from todays event.

barbie 43

Barbie 1

Barbie 2

barbie 6

barbie 4

barbie 5

barbie 42

barbie 41

barbie 8

barbie 9

barbie 10

barbie 11

barbie 12

barbie 13

barbie 14

barbie 16

barbie 17

barbie 18

barbie 19

barbie 20

barbie 21

barbie 22

barbie 23

barbie 24

barbie 26

barbie 27

barbie 28

barbie 29

barbie 30

barbie 31

barbie 32

barbie 33

barbie 34

barbie 35

barbie 36

barbie 37

barbie 38

barbie 39

barbie 40






Restaurant Bistro Gustav



Today me and my family tried out the Bistro Gustav restaurant in the center of Porvoo. It was a french restaurant, and all of the meals on the menu was also written in both finnish and french. It was a super nice restaurant, even with french music playing in the background. I ordered this sallad witch was delicious! Also drank a hot chocolate cup as dessert. I would give this restaurant 10/10. Would for sure recommend to visit this place!


Tea and meditation

Today I was in Porvoo on a very special event. It was a course about tea and meditation. We got to learn everything about tea, and how to prepare it the old kung fu way. We learned the differences from black and green tea, where it does come from, how long you should have the tea drained and much much more. We finished with some meditation. I think the course was spectacular, and very interesting.




Pictures taken by Emma Silventoinen

ballet & dance

Buying regret

I bought new balletflats a while back. They were grishkos, and seemed really nice! Turns out they were accually quite poor. The quality looked beautiful and stretchy, but after only 2 uses, there were remarkable distress at the heel. After 10 uses they’re nearly destroyd. I think this most be the worst quality of a flatshoe I have owned. Really disappointing.


New calendar (do it yourself edition)

I was in Porvoo the other day, and found this calendar! I’ve accually never seen anything like this in my life. The idea is the custom the whole calendar. That meaning that there’s no dates, even months or years written in the calendar by advance. Because of this, there’s no more trouble with when the calendar starts or ends. Myself I love crafting, and feeling organized, so this suits well.

The calendar I chose was the one with black and white polkadots

Some pictures of the inserts!


23 year birthday

Yesturday I turned 23! People does ask me, if I feel 23, and strangely I can accually say I do! I like beeing this age! You have a freedom you don’t have as a kid. You can make your own choices and your own mistakes.

We celebrated with my family with both salty and sweet!

.. with of course, princess cake!

culture, fashion

Seniors day in school

So we have this thing in our school, seniors day! It’s a day when the seniors (including me) dress out. Then we go on top of a truck, and drive through the city meanwhile throwing candy at people. I decided to go with catwoman as my costume. Cannot believe I’m graduating in spring..


In Helsinki

My mom and I was in Helsinki the other day! We ate some delicious sushi and did some shopping. I can show you my purchases here later! We met Saara Aalto in Helsinki , but sadly didn’t get any autograph or photo.