Le Tardoun 2017, France

I’m back from my Yoga retreat in France. It was by far one of the greatest experiences in my life. I have been walking in the most beautiful nature, swimming in blue sea water, I have enjoyed lots of good food, meditated for hours at a time, done yoga through out the day. I’ve been surrounded with the most kind people who has helped and supported me through the whole trip.

This little building is where I slept. Right now everything is quiet, but usually there was a lot of traffic around this place!

A picture for Nizza

Palm trees.

The water in the river was very low, it was litterally about 30 cm.

Just another view

The place was named “Le Tardoun”

Our beautiful yoga temple. This was japanese architecture



and another view

This was from a little town nearby, where we went hiking

It was a beautiful little town with a minimun of people living there

Here I am sitting enjoying the view


/ Sara


Yoga items

Since the yoga happenings are coming closer and closer, I have bought couple of things I need, or should I say “want” for some of them.

Some yoga clothing from Stadium. Everything is Nike but the leggings, witch are soc:s.

I think I haven’t showed you my new yoga mat I bought in Stockholm, Sweden? Its a very light super high quality yoga mat, witch I really fell for.

It’s from the brand prAna

Quite a nice pattern, right?

And least but not last, a yellow yoga bottle!


Half blonde

Today I took the big step to dye to my hair! I have been going back and forth during months if I should do it! I so wanted to have brunette to blonde ombre, and to make sure everything did go right I was to the hairdressers to fix it. I am so happy with the end result though! 

ballet & dance


I am not naturally flexible, so I need to do a lot of work that I am even somewhat flexible.

I remeber being 11 when I first started stretching, and I hated it. I just wanted to get the splits, but I hadn’t any patience so therefore nothing happend.

In this day I have started to learn to like stretching. My body really is craving constant stretching. It makes me feel good, to stretch. I currently can go into splits when I’m warm, and much improvement has happend since I was 11. The key to flexibility is patience, you can never start from zero and force yourself into a split.


Cruise on the Silja Line boat

Me and my mom were on a cruise on the Silja Line boat on a day to Sweden, Stockholm. We had a really great time! Here comes some pictures from the boat. I din’t have the camera with me in Stockholm.

We had a promenade room, witch means that we had a window to the promenade. We were really lucky, because our room was perfectly placed so we were able to see live acrobatics in our pyjamas from the hotel room window!

we ate some really delicious sushi in a sushi restaurang on the boat.

we also drank some ice latte and ate chocolate mousse

This shop was one of the boutiques from the promenade

and this is the overview of the promenade