about me

My name is Sara

Hello. I’m Sara, 22 years old from Finland. I’ve started ballet at the age of 17. Ballet, as dance is very near to my heart. I also do some pole dancing and yoga. I’m very much also into fashion. I love shopping and beauty!  I also very much like writing and photography, therefore blogging is the perfect thing for me!

So this will be a combined dance and fashion blog of mine. Here I will post pictures and experiences foremost of ballet and fashion since they’re closest to my heart. Nevertheless, there can pop up some other subjects, since we know life can be unpredictable, anything can happen. So, here I will share the joy of life through pictures and posts. In this blog I’m going to go with english, because I think it will be the language most suitable, since my readers may come from different parts of the world.

Thank you for reading!

love /Sara