In Helsinki

My mom and I was in Helsinki the other day! We ate some delicious sushi and did some shopping. I can show you my purchases here later! We met Saara Aalto in Helsinki , but sadly didn’t get any autograph or photo.


Cruise on the Silja Line boat

Me and my mom were on a cruise on the Silja Line boat on a day to Sweden, Stockholm. We had a really great time! Here comes some pictures from the boat. I din’t have the camera with me in Stockholm.

We had a promenade room, witch means that we had a window to the promenade. We were really lucky, because our room was perfectly placed so we were able to see live acrobatics in our pyjamas from the hotel room window!

we ate some really delicious sushi in a sushi restaurang on the boat.

we also drank some ice latte and ate chocolate mousse

This shop was one of the boutiques from the promenade

and this is the overview of the promenade